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2011 Philadelphia Phillies Playoff Tickets – Citizens Bank Park

The Philadelphia Phillies are having another fantastic regular season and this comes as no surprise with the Phillies’ solid bats and superior pitching rotation.  Child’s play is just about over, the playoffs are right around the corner. The Phillies have the best record in all of baseball and are on the brink of becoming  National League Champions once again. Most Phillies fans are expecting a World Series matchup between the Philles and Yankees or Red Sox. Either way it would be an incredible series to witness and is certainly within the realm of possibilities for the 2011 World Series.

Whatever you do, do not wait last minute to purchase MLB playoff tickets.  In a competitive series or the potential last game of a series, ticket prices sky rocket. Sometimes doubling in price within a week and in rare cases overnight. Don’t hesitate to order tickets for games that are not guaranteed to happen like games 5,6 and 7.  From legitimate ticket sources you will be refunded in full for all playoff games not played. The best deals are often found for games like these.

Check back often for the Phillies 2011 Playoff Schedule

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